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January 11, 2023 |

At the PM Law Group, we’re always looking for ways to help people further their careers. This is exactly why we offer training contracts to those who show the determination, drive and desire to pursue a career as a solicitor.

Rebekah has an LLB in Law and also a Masters in Legal Practice (LLP & LLM) from the University of Huddersfield and she is one of the latest recipients of a training contract within the Group.

Her conscientious attitude and positive approach to her work made it an easy decision to offer her the chance to train as a solicitor. We asked Rebekah a few questions so we could get an idea about her experience within the PM Law Group and her journey so far.

Meet Rebekah

Why do you want to be a solicitor?

“I have always loved the idea of helping people in a way that is not usually where people would instantly think they need help. Unfortunately, nobody wakes up and want to instruct a solicitor, but sometimes, this is necessary.

It is my desire to guide my clients through their transaction smoothly and to the best of my ability, ultimately helping them reach their end goal. I love getting stuck into a dilemma to find the correct solution. Being a solicitor fulfills this desire.”

Which area of the business are you currently working in?

“I currently work in the Remortgage and Transfer of Equity team at PM Property Lawyers as a File Handler.”

How did you get the opportunity to pursue a training contract?

“I joined PM Property Lawyers after completing my LLB. I then completed my LPC in July 2021 and, since that time, I have worked my way up from Conveyancing Assistant to Property Lawyer and was offered my training contract as a result of the hard work I have conducted.”

How do you think your training contract will help you?

“My training contract will help me to learn how to handle cases and files in various areas of the law and subsequently ensure that I am ready to become a solicitor.

I am excited to learn from experienced professionals and deliver an excellent level of service in areas that I have not yet had the opportunity to practice. I aim to further develop my existing skills, such as time management, communication and organisation, as well as mastering new skills.”

What have you learned so far during your time at the PM Law Group?

“During my time at PM Property Lawyers, I have learned so much. As I started in the Sale and Purchase team as an assistant, I learned the ins and outs of these transactions. I then moved to Remortgage and Transfer of Equity, where I was promoted to File Handler after 4 months.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with standard Remortgages and Transfers of Equity, Company Transactions, Shared Ownership matters and some very interesting Leasehold matters. I find it fascinating that, no matters how many files you work on, there is always something you haven’t encountered.

Although I’d like to think I am already understanding and committed person, this role has only strengthened these qualities. I am very grateful for all I have learned so far and am looking forward to learning much more.”

Has anything surprised you during your time at the PM Law Group?

“It has surprised me just how many clients are very understanding. When I left university, I had the impression that the conveyancing world was very scary, and you needed to know absolutely everything from the get-go. This is not the case at all – clients are usually very understanding if you ask them if they can hold for you, while you ask for a senior’s advice, for example.”

What advice would you give to someone to pursue a training contract with the PM Law Group?

“Firstly, be yourself. Don’t be who you think your employers wants to see. It’s so much more authentic and insightful to be yourself. And, secondly, prepare as best you can. Interviewing for training contracts and working in the legal sector can be stressful and daunting, but preparation and perseverance are invaluable and will serve you well.”

Join the PM Law Group

There are plenty of additional opportunities for training and progression at the PM Law Group. We pride ourselves on our in-depth training and development process which always aims to get the best out of our employees.

We have some fantastic graduate recruitment opportunities that are designed to give you the support, training and hands-on experience that you’ll need to succeed in the legal sector. You can also visit our careers page to take a look at our current vacancies.

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