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January 11, 2023 |

We always see our business as a place where people can flourish and grow – this is exactly how Megan Crowley has seen her time at the PM Law Group. Megan is a First Class Law graduate from the University of Chester and is currently completing her LPC and Masters at The University of Law and will start her training contract once this is done.

She recently sat down with us to answer a few questions about her journey so far. Our training contracts are offered to employees who show an exceptional attitude to their work and want to further their skills and career in the legal sector.

From her previous experience to what she hopes to achieve in the future, it’s always encouraging to get an insight into how our training contracts help people to get where they need to be.

Meet Megan

Why do you want to be a solicitor?

“Through my previous work in the pro bono and charity sector, I came to realise that my strong commitment to helping others is key to a rewarding and successful career in law.

The intellectual challenge I have experienced so far within my work at The PM Law Group has inspired me to continue my training and career development and has taught me the skills to excel. A career as a solicitor being varied, fast-paced and client focused is a welcomed challenge and will ensure my skills are always evolving.”

Which area of the business are you currently working in?

“I am currently working as a Property Lawyer within PM Property Lawyers.”

How did you get the opportunity to pursue a training contract?

“I have worked at the company since graduating from university two years ago and have been grateful to experience a wide range of work which has spurred a growth in my knowledge and confidence to no end.

This has allowed me to showcase my existing strengths and upskill through training and from my work it became clear that the solicitor route was a good fit for my skillset.”

How do you think your training contract will help you?

“I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and experience in different areas of law, having had such a positive experience with PM Property Lawyers so far. Due to the nature of the training contract, I believe that the ongoing feedback and evaluation of my performance in difference areas of competency will help to identify and improve my skills.

I am grateful to receive the opportunity to qualify at a firm where I have already experience such growth and development and look forward to this continuing throughout the remainder of my training and career.”

What have you learned so far at the PM Law Group?

“I have learnt an abundance of job-specific knowledge thanks to the PM Law Group’s specialist training team. However, aside from the legal knowledge required for my role, I have seen exponential growth in my soft skills as well.

Having run my own caseload for the last two years, I have become exceptionally client-focused and have learnt how to deliver my legal knowledge in an accessible and inclusive way.

Having become involved in other aspects of the company, such as charity work and social clubs, I have built great relationships with my colleagues and learnt the true value of having work-life balance.”

Has anything surprised you during your time at the PM Law Group?

“When I first started at the PM Law Group, I was surprised at how technologically advanced the firm is. This has ranged from creating pioneering technology to make the processes more streamlined for clients to tailoring an advanced case management system for the lawyers managing the files.

The modern approach to transaction handling shed the misconception of lawyers being buried under paper work – I’m now glad to know this isn’t entirely the case!”

What are your career plans for the future?

“I look forward to qualifying at the PM Law Group and growing in my future role as a solicitor at the company. I hope that my training contract will encourage me to establish my niche in order for me to specialise later in my career. I would also be interested in exploring the work of some of our partner firms and joint ventures in the future.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a training contract with the PM Law Group?

“I would encourage prospective trainees to engage in the commercial and philanthropic interests of the company and focus on building skills that assist in client care and transaction management.”

Join the PM Group

There are plenty of additional opportunities for training and progression at the PM Law Group. We pride ourselves on our in-depth training and development process which always aims to get the best out of our employees.

We have some fantastic graduate recruitment opportunities that are designed to give you the support, training and hands-on experience that you’ll need to succeed in the legal sector. You can also visit our careers page to take a look at our current vacancies.

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