National Apprenticeship Week 2023

February 3, 2023 |

Apprenticeships give people the opportunity to learn and work with a qualification waiting for them at the end of it. They combine studying and on-the-job training, giving the apprentice all the skills necessary to pursue a career in their chosen field.

At the PM Law Group, we offer a variety of apprenticeships in different areas of the business. From conveyancing to marketing, we understand the importance of giving people the chance to develop at any stage in their career.

National Apprenticeships Week (NAW) takes place during 6– 12 February 2023. It’s a chance to celebrate the achievements of apprentices all over the UK and the immeasurable contributions they give to businesses and communities.

Ahead of National Apprenticeships Week 2023, we want to give some insight into how our apprenticeships work and how apprentices at the PM Law Group benefit from our support and vice versa.

What is National Apprenticeships Week?

National Apprenticeships Week is an event designed to highlight the benefits that apprentices bring to local communities, businesses, and the economy in general. Each year there’s a different theme for National Apprenticeships Week and, in 2023, the theme is Skills for Life. This theme is important as it helps to show how apprenticeships can give us the skills we need to be successful in work and everyday life.

2023 will represent the 16th annual National Apprenticeships Week and there’s a few different activities and events you can plan to help promote it:

  • Site tours
  • Educational / Job fairs
  • Career events / talks
  • Community events
  • Apprentice take overs

What are the benefits of National Apprenticeships Week?

National Apprenticeships Week is beneficial for both apprentices and their providers. For apprentices themselves, it’s a chance to showcase just how much of a positive impact they have, both for the individual, and for the wider community that they’re a part of.

Apprentices are learning and working simultaneously – contributing a lot to the business they’re working for, as well as their community and the British economy. We should therefore celebrate the achievements of apprentices up and down the country and this event is the perfect opportunity to do so. Let apprentices tell their story to help inspire the next generation.

NAW also gives training providers, teachers and career advisors a platform to share stories about the benefits of apprenticeships. They can use this week to encourage young people and adults to explore and be inspired by the huge range of apprenticeships that are currently available.

How is the PM Law Group celebrating National Apprenticeships Week?

We’re extremely proud of our apprenticeship programmes across the Group and will be celebrating NAW 2023 by sharing the experiences of our current crop of apprentices. By speaking to them all directly, we’ve gathered their thoughts and have decided to tell their stories. We feel that the best way to represent their experiences is for them to represent themselves.

Starting on 6th February, we’ll be releasing several posts that focus on different apprenticeships that we offer and how our people are benefitting from them.

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