Celebrating our Apprenticeships: Conveyancing Law and Practice

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The Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice, otherwise known as the CLC Level 4, is an apprenticeship that’s equivalent to the first year of a degree. This is a popular apprenticeship that we offer to our people working within PM Property Lawyers who are looking for a formal qualification in conveyancing.

As it is National Apprenticeships Week, we wanted to give an overview of this apprenticeship as well as share the experiences of our people who are currently completing their CLC Level 4 apprenticeship.

What is studied in the CLC Level 4?


The CLC Level 4 is designed for people who have a want to build a detailed understanding of conveyancing and property law. This is why we offer it to members of our conveyancing team – it gives them the opportunity to receive a formal qualification in the area.

The units that are studied in the CLC Level 4 are:

  • The English Legal System
  • Law of Contract
  • Land Law
  • Standard Conveyancing Transactions
  • Understanding Accounting Procedures for Conveyancing Transactions

The units that the course covers give apprentices a huge amount of conveyancing knowledge that they can then utilise in their job role. When we asked Mollie, who is just about to start her CLC Level 4, why she chose this apprenticeship, she told us:

“I would love to have more in-depth legal knowledge around conveyancing and property law. I’ve worked within conveyancing for over 10 years and feel like it’s the right time to have a qualification to support my experience in the field.”

There’s no replacement for on-the-job experience, but a formal qualification complements it nicely. Combining Mollie’s experience with the legal knowledge she’ll learn from the apprenticeship means she’ll have the ability to manage her caseload more effectively and also handle more complex files.

How is the CLC Level 4 assessed?

The CLC Level 4 apprenticeship is assessed with four essay-style assignments and one exam. The first four units are all assessed with an assignment that can be completed in the candidates own time, the final unit ends in an exam.

There is a fair amount of legal research required to complete the essays for the first four units. This is designed to prepare people for the CLC Level 6 as candidates will use these skills a lot both at Level 6, and as a CLC Lawyer.  The PM Group understands the importance of study alongside the practical aspects of the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships give you confidence

 All of our people who are starting their CLC Level 4 apprenticeship are already working within PM Property Lawyers and are looking to build on their existing knowledge. Understanding the inner workings of conveyancing and property law will bolster their confidence, making them even more likely to excel in their roles.

Amy touched on this when asked what she expected to get out of her apprenticeship:

“I’m looking to get more knowledge on the conveyancing process and law in general from the CLC Level 4. I think this will help me to carry out my responsibilities with far more confidence.”

Having a more in-depth understanding of the theory behind the things you do on a daily basis gives you more confidence, conviction and self-belief. All knowledge is good knowledge, especially when you can put it into practice.

Join the PM Law Group and control your own development

A career within the PM Law Group allows you to be in control of your own development. We’ll show you the development opportunities available to you, whether that be an apprenticeship or alternative form of training and do what we can to support you.

We always support our people – no matter what. Our aim is to help you become the best version of yourself and help you to succeed in any way we can.

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