Celebrating Our Apprenticeships: Operations & Departmental Manager

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We currently have four of our people completing the Operations & Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship across the business. This apprenticeship is for individuals in a variety of specialist manager positions who are looking to build on their existing managerial and operational skills and further push their career development.

In celebration of National Apprenticeships Week 2023, we wanted to get some insights from people within the business who are currently completing their Operations & Departmental Level 5 apprenticeship. Their decision to develop their skills even further, while continuing their day-to-day duties, is one that we admire immensely and want to celebrate.

How do I choose the right apprenticeship for me?

One of the most important decisions when considering an apprenticeship is choosing which one to pursue. Many of us choose an apprenticeship that relates to our current role or will help us get to where we want to be in our career – this is exactly what Karen Robson said when asked about why she chose the Operations & Departmental Manager Level 5. She stated very clearly that ‘career progression’ was the main reason for going with this apprenticeship.

Karen’s colleague, Charlotte Surplice, went one further when explaining why she decided this apprenticeship was for her:

“I chose this apprenticeship as I wanted to increase my understanding of management and the theories behind it.”

It’s crucial that you get as much information about the apprenticeship you’re considering as possible – this will help you to see whether it will help you meet your goals or not. Our team are always available to answer your questions about the apprenticeships we provide. Get in touch with us and ask us anything about our apprenticeship opportunities.

Waiting for the right opportunity

You don’t always have to seek an apprenticeship, sometimes, the opportunity will find you. We often associate apprenticeships with school leavers and post-16 education, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Apprenticeships are for anyone looking to learn more and develop their skills When asked about how she heard about the apprenticeship, Karen said:

“I heard about the apprenticeship via the management team and Steven Sutherland, our Group Head of Training & Development. I expressed my interest and was put forward to do the apprenticeship by my manager.”

This goes to show that, although apprenticeships might not always be on our radar, when good opportunities for growth emerge, it’s important to seize them.

How do you balance work and study?

All apprenticeships work slightly different, but one thing they all have in common is the combination of on-the-job learning and study. When asked about the balance between work and study, Charlotte told us:

“I am really enjoying the classroom work. However, it is sometimes a challenge to find time to study.”

Karen echoed Charlotte’s comments, stating that:

“it’s a lot of work but what I’ve learned so far has really helped me to put the theory behind the years of on the job experience I have”.

This goes to show that, however challenging, an apprenticeship is always worth it if you show commitment, determination and a continuing willingness to learn.

Building understanding and developing skills

As we’ve mentioned, apprenticeships aren’t just here to teach us brand new things. They’re also a chance for us to build on our existing skills. Charlotte expects her managerial skills will improve because of her apprenticeships:

“I expect to be able to look after my teams more effectively and gain better skills to interact with my peers.”

Karen also expects to develop her understanding of the theory behind management:

“The apprenticeship is all about management, so I’m learning a lot about the theories behind it, like how to delegate effectively, time management, dealing with different personalities, and handling conflict. It provides different angles to look at situations, making you think about how you would deal with them and maybe how you could have dealt with things differently.”

Getting support from her peers who are also completing this apprenticeship has been a huge help for Karen too:

“There are four of us doing the same course, three who are within PM Property Lawyers, so we all work together. We support each other as peers and it’s great for discussions on certain topics. I also have a supportive manager whom I have already spoken to about an upcoming topic that I think I may need a hand with.”

This goes to show that it’s not just down to you to support your own learning – your peers who are also completing the apprenticeship are such a valuable resource in their own right.

Always opportunities for growth at the PM Group

At The PM Law Group, we always support our people in their development – whatever that might be. We will always discuss what apprenticeships are available as we see them as the perfect opportunity to build skills and knowledge in a practical and engaging way.

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